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–  Studies and Materials – text’s size – unlimited; source materials and synthetic articles representing series of artefacts with a comparative study;

–  Announcements – text’s size – up to 10 pages; discussions of single artefacts or introductory information about new series of militaries; short discussions of collections;

–  Discoveries – short notes – only up to 500 words, notes concerning single artefacts with background literature;

–  Chronicle – text’s size – only up to 5 pages; reviews of books about medieval arms and armour; reports from medieval armour’s conferences and exhibitions; obituaries, etc.




– articles should be written only in Polish or other Slavonic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, etc.) or in English;

– in a case of English versions of articles the name of translator should be added;

– the main text should contain information about author/authors (academic title, author’s name, author’s affiliation and e-mail);

– in separate document must be added five sentenced Abstract with five Key Words and  maximum one page Summary in a separate document;

– all submissions are considered by the Editors in the first instance. Suitable papers are peer-reviewed.

– Authors will receive a proof of their article as a PDF file. Please note that only typographical or factual errors may be corrected at proof stage.


– articles should be written only in MS Word (Windows) or Open Office (Linux), but files must be saved in Word format (doc., rtf); column’s size A4 – 210×297 mm; font Times New Roman, format 12 points, 1,5 space between the lines.


– titles should be clear and short;

– every paragraph must be finished by pressing Enter key;

– please use only Oxford footnote in the text, i.e.: round bracket – surname – the year of the publication – comma, number of page – comma – figure (fig.), plate (pl.), table (tab.) etc. – round bracket, example: (Kotowicz 2006, 58, fig. 3:1). When there are three or more authors (Janowski, Kotowicz, Michalak 2008, 167), only the first author’s name is given in the text, followed by et al., e.g. (Janowski et al. 2008, 167);

– classic footnotes should include supplement information, not bibliographical positions;

– abbreviations: ca. – circa

– Contents of plates should be listed in a separate document.


– quoted publications should be placed at the end of the text and marked by Bibliography. If Author uses two kinds of publications: Sources and Scholarship, he must list them in alphabetical order, at the very beginning place Sources, e.g.:

Ammianus Marcellinus

2002 Dzieje rzymskie, translated by I. Lewandowski, Warszawa.


Księga Czynów Ardaszyra…

2006 Księga czynów Ardaszyra Syna Papaka, translated by T. Gacek, Kraków.

And then, in the same way – Scholarship e.g.:

Głosek M.

1984 Miecze środkowoeuropejskie z X-XV w., Warszawa.

(in a case of single-author or book editor)


Ginalski J., Kotowicz P. N.

2004 Elementy uzbrojenia i oporządzenia jeździeckiego z grodziska wczesnośredniowiecznego „Horodyszcze” w Trepczy, pow. Sanok, stan. 2, Materiały i Sprawozdania Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego 25, pp. 187-257.

(in a case of journal articles)


Dmochowski P., Wrzesiński J.

2004 W poszukiwaniu łuku refleksyjnego – możliwości interpretacji na przykładzie znalezisk z Ostrowa Lednickiego, [in:] Wędrówki rzeczy i idei w średniowieczu, Spotkania Bytomskie 5, ed. S. Moździoch, Wrocław, pp. 313-333.

(in a contribution to a book)

Scholarships in national languages (e.g. cirillic) should be written in original spelling e.g.:

Кирпичникoв А. Н.

1966 Дpeвнepyccкoe opyжиe. Выпу 2. Кoпя, cyлицы, бoeвыe тoпopы, бaвы, киeни IX-XIII вв., Apхeoлoгия CCCP. Cвoд apхeoлoгичecких иcтoчникoв Е1-36, Мocквa-Лeнингpaд.

Quoting internet sites:

Комар А.В., Сухобоков О.В.

2000 Вооружение и военное дело Хазарского каганата, Восточноевропейский археологический журнал 2 (3) (access to article on site: – access 17.08.2006).

Quoting of typescripts:

Tereszczuk D.

2002 Wczesnośredniowieczne uzbrojenie na Lubelszczyźnie (VIII-XIII w.), Lublin (typescript of M.A. thesis in Institute of Archaeology of University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin).

Please use only the abbreviations which are listed in XIIth volume of Acta Militaria Mediaevalia.


– all plates should have descriptions which are to be listed in separate document;

– plates should be numbered in the order of reference appearing in the text;

– plates (abbreviation: Fig.) should be drawn in a white paper and scanned at resolution 300 DPI; the biggest format 22 (height) x 16 (breadth) cm;

– explanations of the plates should be put in the captions;

– captions must have a name and a number of excavation site or a kind of artefact, and an author to whom it refers to (i.e. after Oakeshott 1997, fig. 1 or drawing by P. Kotowicz or photo by D. Szuwalski);

– list following plates in a text : fig. 1:1,3 (different objects) or fig. 1:1-3 (the same objects);

– photos must be scanned at a minimal resolution 600 DPI in TIF format.



An article should be delivered to the editorial staff on e-mail adress

Because of the fact, that we must keep cyclical edition of following volumes “Acta Militaria Mediaevalia”, texts will be accepted only to the 30 November every year.

Authors will receive one copy of the journal and article in pdf format.